My morning mist quicksilver
    Haven't seen you in so long
    I find you after twilight
    Ever drawn to your sweet song

    Solitary moonlight dancer
    On pointe, and now a pose
    Such beautiful momentum
    Swift heartbeat, in reprose

    Endless shadow bound
    Gathers 'round, still you dance
    This rhythm of your soul
    Such elegance, in trance

    Sad wonder, a princess of pain
    Her stolen tears all locked away
    Not a key, no one to listen
    And still so much to say

    A graceful wave at apex
    You'll rise, yet wait to fall
    Twirling, arcing, aching
    The magic of it all

    Muted by such music
    Your silent, unborn scream
    Please stay in perpetual motion
    My beautiful midnight dream


    Tumbling past hope
    In the wild I am despair
    Golden sunlight flown
    now only shadows roam
    they sing thier song to me
    surrender and be free
    I dare not answer
    I dare not allow myself to be


    Woke up one day at five happy to be alive
    these days so fast
    never seem to last
    so I laid my head to rest
    Woke up one day at fifteen, or so it seemed
    the firebird, snow white, so new, now only memory
    these days so fast
    never seem to last
    so I laid my head to rest
    Woke up one day at twenty six, it was time to make a change
    so I packed that bag, and jumped into what is now my past
    these days so fast
    never seem to last
    so I laid my head to rest
    Woke up one day, now thirty five, still happy to be alive
    I've lost some friends who had to leave before thier time
    this life, this wild, still a mystery, still trying to find my way
    these days so fast
    never seem to last
    so I laid my head to rest
    Woke up one day at fifty, could someone please slow it all down
    these days so fast
    need to grab hold, make something last
    still it slips, though my heart lingers
    Woke up today seventy five, still alive
    but have I lost more now than gained
    golden sunlight still shines
    though my sight now strained
    still love to see it, anyway
    these days so fast
    they never seem to last
    so I laid my head to rest
    Woke up one day and then I passed away
    guess it was always meant to be this way
    Funny it was all a little like a dream


    If the demons of our dreams
    were to us not bound
    what a nightmare then,
    our world to be found

    I looked into my soul
    and what a found brought tears
    the beasts had grown in number
    and gave life to all my fears

    fear not this darkness that surrounds us
    beneath this devils' moon
    for even as hope escapes us
    morning will be coming soon


    Rain, Rain, falling down
    Grey sky shadows, and my sad heart
    Rain, Rain, wash away pain
    Grey clouds cover up my happy day
    Rain, Rain, not much to say
    Grey Clouds washed all my words away
    Rain, Rain, wash away pain
    Drown my sorrow, make me new again


    burning sky, blazing future
    10,000 roads afire before me
    flicker of time
    just a handful, you're mine
    what to do, where to spend what's in my pocket
    wear to roam, where to plant
    these seeds within my heart
    swift little river
    such conviction, how you run
    midnight moon, your sister sun
    endless cycle, never done
    swift little river fell into stagnation
    what was sure, now stops to question
    will I rise, will I fall
    has my potential slowed to a crawl
    every new horizon
    shows those roads to shore
    every new day
    the river longs to flow once more
    I'll waltz with sun and moon
    in beautiful revolution
    what's before is but choice
    what's behind now has no voice
    so many things still left to say
    it's finally here
    my graduation day


    ebon falcon prey upon my heart
    from dream to nightmare
    before even day has start
    crimson tears you run so red
    my heart still wounded
    from the things you did and said
    you forfieted me
    sleeping angel in a womb
    now you cry ten thousand tears
    imprisoned in your tomb,
    my mother
    I miss and need,
    the woman I thought you were


    boldest flower
    in garden of full bloom
    tallest, proudest, my boasts, the loudest
    but soon settled unexpected gloom

    My roots grew weak
    lack of confidence did speak
    too many clouds
    had seemed to gather

    But with those clouds
    also came sweet rain
    summer shower, trickle down
    and wash away pain

    and everclear, I see you now
    sweet sunlight to my bloom
    truer words, there are never such
    I'd wilt without your touch

Copyright 2015 Darkchylde Entertainment